Guitar Looping and Modulation Techniques

Guitar Looping and Modulation Techniques

It would be quite wrong to say that a guitarist is just a musician. He is certainly the most important part of a band group, who sometimes be crazy and sometimes be normal according to the music he is playing. Do you think it is only the guitar that helps the guitarist in producing the rock? Of course not, because the professionals apply many inventive tricks by using some devices to produce something new. The maximum guitarists use pedals like the reverb pedal and delay pedal to produce new sounds. You can get a number of sound effects by using the delay pedal. However, first you need to learn some looping and modulation techniques to get the best out of delay or reverb pedal. Continue reading →

Acoustic guitar for the southpaw

What is guitar?

In simple words guitar is a musical instruments made of strings to make the sound. Guitar usually has 6 strings (there are varieties in this even with 12 strings) in it and the sound is made by strumming the strings with the right hand and by pressing the strings with the left hand fingers. As per the historical data available some say that the guitar was originated in 8th century, however some of the historians say that guitar is originated at the time of Babylonians.acoustic guitar

Types of guitars

There are mainly two types of guitars, acoustic and electric guitars. There is another classification as classical guitar which uses strings made of nylon. Acoustic guitars use steel strings and electric guitar uses magnetic pickups. Continue reading →