Good Ways to Read Guitar Tabs


Musicians like guitarists, drummers and other instrument players play the music by reading tabs. These tabs or tablatures are used to write the music on a paper. You may have seen a live performance of any music group in which all the instrument players would have been playing music according to music characters written on the paper. These tabs provide musicians a direction according to which they play the music. If you are a newbie and you have never learnt music, then you can learn music quickly with the help of tabs. It will be really beneficial for you, if you take guitar lessons by learning guitar tabs. The way of reading guitar tabs is mentioned below.

Know the structure

The guitar has six strings and the tablatures are mentioned in lines with respect to the each string of the guitar. The thickest string located at the bottom line is represented by E and the thinnest string located at the top line is represented by e. In starting you need to learn how to place the numbers over these lines to place finger’s position.

Understand the fretboard

You can take help of numbers to recognize frets. You can play other instruments by recognizing the notations, but guitar tabs are different. The guitar tabs tell you where to place the fingers in order to produce music. Place the numbers on each fret on each line. If 1 is placed on the bottom line, it means that is the first fret of the thickest string and now you have to play that mentioned note.



Play vertically stacked numbers

During the initial lessons on guitar, you will many times get vertically aligned numeric characters. We designate them as chords. Now you have to play every note as written in the chord simultaneously. Now the guitar will produce a complete sound of that chord and it will be your first step towards playing guitar chords by reading the tabs.

Read the tabs left to right and play according to it

Regular practice can make you an expert guitarist. The notes written on the tabs are read from the left side to the right side. Do not jump to the next line, until you have not played a whole line. Practice it by playing the guitar according to the chords and notes written there. The maximum tabs never show the rhythm at which you play guitar. So, you need to learn that how to break the tabs into measures.

Recognize chord changes

There are many songs in which guitarist plays only chords. If you are playing such a tab, then there will be some sort of tab notation. That tab notation is used to simplify the list of changes in chords. Most of the musicians use standard chord notation in the list and the professional guitarists play according to that. To make it simple, you should read and play one chord at a time and thus you will learn how to play the whole tab in a flow.

Thus, you can start reading guitar tabs. Later you can learn recognizing special symbols and playing them on your guitar.